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Pool Compliancy - 1st December

pool fence safety compliance sunshine coast

Don’t forget to ensure your pool is compliant the 1st of December is not that far away, we are undertaking pool inspections right now for those who are in need of a compliance certificate.

Sound advice will save you money

Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Sunshine Coast

It is a fact that most properties require expenditure on maintenance and upkeep it is also a fact that not all home owners can afford to keep their properties in tip top condition, If you were to ask your self a simple question “Can you remember the colour of the tiles in the guest en-suite or the colour of the blinds in the study”?  An honest answer is likely to be no! You are unlikely to notice the condition of the building fabric. This is generally not an issue to you and me until the property becomes available for purchase on the open market. Purchaser’s are at this stage of a property purchase in a mixed state of euphoria and buyers remorse, when they have agreed to purchase a property. This is the juncture when it is important you employ an inspector with the correct experience to be able to offer sound advice, which will save you money in the long term.

Pre-purchase property inspection Noosa

pre-purchase property inspection noosa

What a lovely morning inspecting a unit on Gympie Terrace one of my favourite places Noosaville, the river always has a special feel during the winter months.

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