“Communication is Key”

“Communication is Key”


Conversation Is Key

Communication is key when undertaking a Building and Timber Pest inspection. As the inspector, you are not working in isolation; it isn’t just about inspecting, writing and delivering the report. There are other parties to consider. The Seller wants to sell, the Purchaser wants to purchase, and the bank wants to lend the money, there is also in addition to the above, the hard working Real Estate Agent who may have worked months on achieving the sale of the property!

As the inspector your primary responsibility is first and foremost to your client, after all they have commissioned you, to use your skills to inspect the property and report to them on its condition, this is why, I always request my clients attend the inspection, usually towards the end, to allow a walk round  to discuss what I have or have not found.

That notwithstanding the reporting has to be balanced and reflect the age of the property. I have always maintained, surround yourself with the best, whatever you are doing, it makes for a more successful outcome, and remember our motto….

“The right advice at the right price”


“Sound advice will save you Money”

Published On: 16 August 2022Categories: Pre-Purchase Building InspectionsComments Off on “Communication is Key”
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