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This report complies with AS 4349.1-2007 Inspections of Buildings part 1: Pre- purchase Inspections – Residential Buildings.

Building inspection reports or “pre–purchase inspections” have become common place, to the point where the purchaser will have a clause from their bank or lending institution within their lending criterion to obtain a report prior to going unconditional on the purchase.

The building inspection report is produced within the cooling off period of the proposed contract of sale and allows the purchaser to make an informed decision as to proceed with the purchase or withdraw. The inspector follows a set routine, reporting on the general condition of the property, which reflects the age and condition as if measured against contemporary properties.

It is a fact that all properties are in some need of maintenance and upkeep, not all owners understand the importance of this, and indeed some just can’t afford to do it!

A simple question you can ask your self “Can you remember the colour of the tiles in the en-suite, or the carpet in the office/study?" If the answer is no, then how will you spot the defects that may cost you a significant amount of money once you take ownership of your new home?

Thermal Imaging

We offer free thermal imaging technology to assist in undertaking our property surveys, a thermal imaging camera uses infrared technology to detect temperature fluctuations within the fabric of the building, which may indicate poor or missing insulation or the presence of excessive moisture, leading to cold bridging, loss of insulation properties of the materials. Where there is evidence of deterioration of the building fabric associated with moisture, whether it is a leak or condensation, the use of a thermal imaging camera can assist in the diagnosis of the problem. Thermal imaging can also assist in the detection of deficiencies in the electrical installation, by detection of hot spots.


Our philosophy is quite simple - 
The right inspection and the right advice”.

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