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It is widely known that termite infestations cause many millions of dollars of damage to properties throughout Australia and are a greater problem within the hot humid tropics of Queensland.

Termites can access the property via wall cavities, cracks in masonry and concrete floor slabs, and service hole entry points.

It is a requirement of the Building code of Australia (BCA) for new homes to incorporate some method of management against subterranean termite attack.

Regardless of what system has been incorporated into the construction of dwelling, regular inspections by a QBCC licenced inspector should be carried out, to ensure termites have not crossed or bridged the barrier. 

It is recommended that a timber & pest inspection be undertaken every 12 months and less with properties which may be at more risk.

The termite nest is usually outside of the house they have infiltrated, but there are occasions when this is not true, and the nest is buried in soil beneath the dwelling or a secondary nest may have been established within the timber structure, this usually takes place if there is a source of water for example, a leaking pipe of shower cubicle, where the tile splash back has been breached, creating a readily available water source.

Combined timber and pest inspection

This offers economies to scale allowing both inspections to be undertaken whilst the inspector is on site, thus making it a more cost effective way of obtaining your reports.


Our philosophy is quite simple - 
The right inspection and the right advice”.

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